Animal Ornekkoy is a large municipal shelter in Izmir. This shelter is the ongoing project ATAR Foundation since 2007. For more information about this project click here .

In the festive month of December we would like to again welcome dogs Ornekkoy with tasty treats. We want as many bags delivered in chunks Ornekkoy. For this we need your very contribution.People who donate chunks, if desired, be listed on this page with their name.
Our regular donors, Family Fishing from Soesterberg donate every month 1½ pocket feed to this shelter. With their donations, we have a total of 592 euros. Let’s already 40 sacks of feed delivered to Ornekkoy.

Today we have delivered a total of 40 bags chunks (10x 30x cats and dogs). Celal is very happy. We bliljven support this shelter. Your contribution is always needed!

Turkse Straatdieren

Our objective is that we street and collecting as many animals spayed to decrease street animal population and thus prevent unnecessary animal suffering.Besides the sterilization operations, we also catch on stray animals. We have set up a small shelter in Antalya. Here are just sick, injured and very young animals temporarily captured.

We also collect as medicines, food and other pet supplies tools. With these tools we support animal shelters in Turkey to improve the living conditions of the captured animals.

All animals are equal and have equal right to live!

The standard of living of animals in Turkey, unfortunately, many times lower than that of animals in developed countries. The main reasons are a lack of education and the fact that love for animals not being taught from childhood on.

In Turkey there is in schools, in mosques, in the family and in the media little time and attention to activities on animal welfare. The population and thus remains insufficiently informed about animal welfare.

Because having and keeping pets is not common in the Turkish culture, people know little about animals. Contacting and communicating with animals is essential to forging a bond between man and animal. This band affects positively the attitude towards animals and increases knowledge about the animal world.

Street Animals struggle to survive under the harsh conditions of life on the street. These animals are despite their zest for life and their right to live slain by ignorant people and communities or life locked up in so-called animal shelters where living conditions can be very poor. And many of these animals may still die due to lack of care.

There are communities of people who choose the cheapest and easiest solution to get stray problem. By making they hope to solve the problem it off (leave). This is counterproductive! as soon as the population decreases on the street, the animals are to be located just to multiply more rapidly from kind, so that the problem continues to exist. That means that this method does not solve this problem.

The capture and sterilize, vaccinate and reinsert street animals in their territory is the only structural and humane way to deal with the street animal population.

Fortunately, there are animal lovers who stand up for the rights of Turkish animals. There are animal lovers who work in animal shelters or animal care on the street. But some animal remains very small compared to the large stray animal problem. Even though it might be a drop in the gloeinde plate, these people are doing very useful work for stray animals. We are therefore these people very grateful.


Indeed it is also possible to get relaxed by using music appreciation ….
When glucosamine continues to decrease in the body, it is predicted that cartilage that makes it possible to smoothly bend and extend all joints gradually decreases, and causes direct inflammation of joints, etc. It is predicted to be a direct cause.
It is also a healing method that you can easily work on getting relaxed by using music appreciation. If it is a quiet song if it is quiet song, it is not the best if it says that it is the best. In order to dissipate the stress that it carries, it is good to do music appreciation thinking that it corresponds to the individual’s current state of mind as soon as possible It is likely to get.
In general, the possibility of getting lost from the age of more than the middle of the age has risen, and when it goes closely, an irregular lifestyle gathers diseases that are said to have a strong influence, naming it as a lifestyle disease disease .

Coenzyme Q10, which has been widely publicized in recent years, is always present one by one in approximately 60 trillion cell cells that make up the human body, not in a valuable body that produces energy that is the source of human life activity It must not be a nutrient ingredient.
In fact, Bifidobacterium acts to prevent the growth of toxins from putrefactive bacteria in the intestines and microorganisms causing diseases, to prevent the production of toxic substances, good work to keep a healthy body in hand It is understood to do.

Somewhat uneasy is overwhelming in situations where the nutritional components of its ingredients are overly dependent only on health foods. Various health foods are commonplace, but it is a sub-matter that contributes to the maintenance of health, I feel that trade-off is essential.
As a function of chondroitin which is clarified, it keeps moisture in the body’s skin, keeps moisture in the skin layer, keeps pinholeing skin effectively by keeping deficient collagen effectively, and strengthens the blood vessel By doing so, the blood flowing through the body will always be in a beautiful state, and so on.

If you ingest glucosamine every day with nutritional supplements etc., it seems to have action like body movement and skeleton smooth movement. Furthermore, in fact, the cosmetic ingredient also exerts its efficacy no matter how much glucosamine component is.
To make it easier to store stress easily is that it is delicate, too much use of nerves other than yourself, and you have both feelings of concern to yourself if you pin down from the aspect of psychology.

Originally Coenzyme Q10 is a nutritional ingredient that supports all body energy. Movement energy itself named mitochondria in the middle of the cellular tissue that makes up the human body is a useful ingredient that is necessarily needed in the organs that produce it.
In principle “Lifestyle for improving constipation and improving constipation” can be said to be a lifestyle deeply involved in all health concurrently, so it is important to maintain, in other words, stop There is little to become.

There is concern that there is a possibility that medical expenses such as the near future will not rise will rise. Therefore, I do not know what will happen if I do not practice my health management, so it is important to actively take health foods that you can get in mail order etc as well.
If you are in a state of long stress, you will not be able to balance the autonomic nerves as in the past, and in terms of their bodies, they will have full eyes full of spiritual concerns. Eventually it is the formation of autonomic imbalance, which is a generic term for symptoms.
As glucosamine in the body decreases steadily, it is presumed that the cartilage functioning to smoothly connect the bones in each joint gradually wears out and disappears, eventually inducing arthritis and the like It is.

As is well known, bifidobacteria are present in the intestine, and the emergence of substances which are supposed to suppress human growth and the growth of pathogenic microorganisms and putrefactive bacteria, typified by E. coli which is a resident colon bacterium, and are considered to be harmful to humans We will help you to maintain the condition of the intestines variously, such as stopping the bowel movement.

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