Animal Ornekkoy is a large municipal shelter in Izmir. This shelter is the ongoing project ATAR Foundation since 2007. For more information about this project click here .

In the festive month of December we would like to again welcome dogs Ornekkoy with tasty treats. We want as many bags delivered in chunks Ornekkoy. For this we need your very contribution.People who donate chunks, if desired, be listed on this page with their name.
Our regular donors, Family Fishing from Soesterberg donate every month 1½ pocket feed to this shelter. With their donations, we have a total of 592 euros. Let’s already 40 sacks of feed delivered to Ornekkoy.

Today we have delivered a total of 40 bags chunks (10x 30x cats and dogs). Celal is very happy. We bliljven support this shelter. Your contribution is always needed!