Turkse Straatdieren

Our objective is that we street and collecting as many animals spayed to decrease street animal population and thus prevent unnecessary animal suffering.Besides the sterilization operations, we also catch on stray animals. We have set up a small shelter in Antalya. Here are just sick, injured and very young animals temporarily captured.

We also collect as medicines, food and other pet supplies tools. With these tools we support animal shelters in Turkey to improve the living conditions of the captured animals.

All animals are equal and have equal right to live!

The standard of living of animals in Turkey, unfortunately, many times lower than that of animals in developed countries. The main reasons are a lack of education and the fact that love for animals not being taught from childhood on.

In Turkey there is in schools, in mosques, in the family and in the media little time and attention to activities on animal welfare. The population and thus remains insufficiently informed about animal welfare.

Because having and keeping pets is not common in the Turkish culture, people know little about animals. Contacting and communicating with animals is essential to forging a bond between man and animal. This band affects positively the attitude towards animals and increases knowledge about the animal world.

Street Animals struggle to survive under the harsh conditions of life on the street. These animals are despite their zest for life and their right to live slain by ignorant people and communities or life locked up in so-called animal shelters where living conditions can be very poor. And many of these animals may still die due to lack of care.

There are communities of people who choose the cheapest and easiest solution to get stray problem. By making they hope to solve the problem it off (leave). This is counterproductive! as soon as the population decreases on the street, the animals are to be located just to multiply more rapidly from kind, so that the problem continues to exist. That means that this method does not solve this problem.

The capture and sterilize, vaccinate and reinsert street animals in their territory is the only structural and humane way to deal with the street animal population.

Fortunately, there are animal lovers who stand up for the rights of Turkish animals. There are animal lovers who work in animal shelters or animal care on the street. But some animal remains very small compared to the large stray animal problem. Even though it might be a drop in the gloeinde plate, these people are doing very useful work for stray animals. We are therefore these people very grateful.