American hunter | SCI continues to monitor UK animal welfare proposals


Safari Club International (SCI) strongly opposes many of the proposals in the Animal Welfare Action Plan currently under consideration in the United Kingdom (UK) which are not supported by scientific evidence and will harm wildlife conservation efforts inside and outside the UK. continue to monitor the proposals as they progress through the policy process and will continue to promote the science behind hunting and conservation as winning strategies for wildlife.

“SCI is a global organization because a threat to the right to hunt in one country is a threat to hunters everywhere,” said SCI CEO W. Laird Hamberlin. “While the Action Plan promotes ideas we share, such as fair hunting, ethical treatment of animals and organic food sources, SCI condemns specific UK proposals to implement bans on practices essential to the conservation of wildlife and the reasonable right of citizens. hunt. “

Hamberlin continued, “Further, UK politicians need to understand that proposals to ban imports pose a threat to the sustainability of species in Africa and strain the livelihoods of vulnerable African communities. “

During his election campaign, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pledged to draft a new law defining animals as “sentient beings”. Indeed, the British government would then have to take into account the feelings of these “sentient beings”. Johnson got his wish with the Animal Welfare Bill (Sentience) currently before the UK Parliament.

The UK is also considering an import ban on trophies for threatened and critically endangered species and is considering using the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. It is a database on the risks of species extinction around the world. As it stands, the import ban on trophies could include at least 15 species, many of which have been imported into the UK since 2005.

The UK is known for its ‘animal welfare’ legislation and maintains close cooperation between national media and animal rights radicals. If enacted, animal welfare legislation and the import ban on trophies will have drastic effects on African communities and wildlife by reducing the benefits of managed trophy hunting. Hunters around the world not only have the greatest respect for wildlife, but are also the biggest contributors to conservation.

Animal rights activists, and now the UK government, have missed the big picture and will end up hurting the animals they claim to protect. The UK and conservationists around the world should support SCI and work with, not against, hunters to create the best future for local communities, the rest of the wilderness and wildlife.


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