Animal rights must come first

Dhaka, being the densely populated capital of Bangladesh, has the worst air quality, according to studies. Dhaka’s Air Quality Index (AQI) has been repeatedly categorized between dangerous and unhealthy rates, leaving residents at risk of serious health complications. These animals are mostly alien in nature, and adapting to such dangerous air is in itself torture, as they are far from their natural habitat, so having them in cages in the middle of the city can have a negative impact. long term on their health. and psychology.

Despite times when there are instructions from the vet, or during travel time, a dog can adjust to being confined to a small area, but other than that, caging him could result in aggression, his withdrawal, hyperactivity, depression, eating disorders, obsessive licking, separation anxiety, inability to bond with humans, and muscle wasting to name a few. Not just dogs, even other animals forcibly kept in cages for commercial purposes could face such consequences.

Our approach to treating animals is horrible. A few days ago, three stray dogs were reportedly killed in the Mirpur Duaripara Western Housing Phase-2 area. According to locals, the perpetrators targeted pregnant females and bitches. Local owners were blamed as they often mistreated the dogs because they created a mess in the locality. During Eid-ul-Adha, as he brought cattle into the city, the animal’s eyes were sprayed with pepper to keep them awake. Chickens and ducks are hung upside down by vendors. These are just a few of the common tortures that animals face.

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