Animal Welfare Commissioner investigates case of dogs euthanized by government unit


The Animal Welfare Commission is investigating a suspected case of dog euthanasia by the Animal Welfare Directorate.

Commissioner Alison Bezzina said the incident occurred over a period of time, with preliminary inquiries showing it involved three or four “races of bullying.”

The investigation stems from online reports of three Pitbull dogs – Mason, Archie and Xena – who have been shot by the Department of Animal Welfare in recent weeks.

Details on the case are scarce, but reports say the dogs were shot for aggressive behavior.

It also comes after an opinion piece by Bezzina herself, who warned that the exploitation of pets could lead to the possibility of Malta introducing safe havens to kill.

Bezzina said her office is investigating the case, but insisted the practice is not illegal.

“The decision is made by three people: the manager, a certified green and someone who has worked closely with the dogs in question,” she said.

But she said it was not a common occurrence. “It doesn’t happen often. ”

“The Commissariat is in no way consulted beforehand in such cases, because the law does not require that the Directorate of Animal Welfare involves the Commissariat in any way,” the Facebook post said.

The law states that “… aggressive animals should not be kept in stock and may be slaughtered or slaughtered if deemed necessary or expedient by the director of veterinary services or the director of animal welfare.

The questions were sent to the head of the animal welfare department, Patricia Azzopardi.

Animal rights activists from the Vegan Prism Vegan Lifestyle Facebook page on Thursday met with Animal Ministry officials to discuss a way forward on the issue.

They said that despite a “genuine desire” to discuss the matter, “ministry officials had expressed the view that there was nothing to be done about past actions.”

“When pushed on responsibility, they responded that responsibility will be about making things change. Further emphasis on accountability has led to an agreement that an internal investigation will be conducted to see what happened as they themselves do not know who, when and why are being killed at Animal Welfare, ”they said. .

“To the honor of the ministry, they are committed to implementing the proposals we have built for them. Please note that we made these proposals because both the Commissioner and the Director believe the only solution for these dogs was life-long solitary confinement, ”activists said.

They said the ministry had confirmed the use of muzzles had been ordered and that from now on, a behaviorist would be asked to consult on “aggressive” and “unpredictable” dogs.

MSPCA Welcomes Investigations

The Maltese Society for the Protection and Care of Animals (MSPCA) welcomed the investigation by the Animal Welfare Commissioner.

He said he appreciates that Animal Welfare is dealing with an ever-increasing influx of dogs and that most of them have behavioral issues due to their difficult past.

The MSPCA suggested that Animal Welfare add animal behaviorists to its permanent team, in order to assist these dogs in a professional manner.

He also called for more investment and systematic political changes in the way animal welfare is managed.


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