Crufts: Why an animal rights petition wants Channel 4 to remove the show from the program

Animal rights activists call for Channel 4 to be dropped Crufts from his TV program amid PETA’s latest campaign.

Recognized as “the greatest canine event in the world”, the annual competition and agility competition sees thousands of dogs compete for trophies and cash prizes.

The show originally aired on the BBC until an investigation by the broadcaster revealed how “the show’s dogs suffer from genetic conditions after years of inbreeding”.

The BBC gave up Crufts of his schedule in 2008 after the Kennel Club, which operates Cruftsdid not accept his request to exclude certain races.

A pair of dogue de bordeaux entered day one of the Crufts Dog Show at the Birmingham National Exhibition Center (NEC). Photo via PA.

Crufts inbreeding controversy

Now airing on Channel 4 and More4, the animal rights charity is branded PETA Crufts as a “grotesque charade” that has an “obsession with ‘race purity'”.

the petition asks its supporters to send a letter directly to Channel 4 chief executive Alex Mahon urging the organization to ‘act in the interests of animals and stop giving airtime’ to Crufts.

The RSPCA also withdrew its support for the dog show on welfare grounds for a time.

the petition noted: “Crufts is a contest for unhealthy dogs that often fall prey to agonizing hereditary diseases after generations of inbreeding. The RSPCA refuses to attend the show, and no one who cares about dogs should celebrate this grotesque charade – or give it a platform on British television.

“With his obsession with ‘race purity’, Crufts popularizes grossly exaggerated features in animals and awards prizes to dogs whose physical abnormalities prevent them from leading happy lives – pugs with sunken faces who can barely breathe, Cavalier King Charles spaniels whose brains are too big for their skulls, and bulldogs who can’t even mate unaided , to name just a few examples.

PETA also warned that breeders can make thousands of pounds selling purebred puppies, an action that leaves healthy, easily adoptable dogs in animal shelters homeless.

Channel 4 has been contacted for comment.

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